On Inspiration….

How would you like to have a bunch of new inspirations every day?  Do you remember to ask?  We say things like “If I could just get a good inspiration for developing a multimillion dollar idea, I’d be fixed for life.”
That is not asking.  When we put “if” into an  affirmation we can be sure that if we do have some inspiration, it won’t be worth a multimillion dollars.

Do it this way.    “Every day I receive valuable inspiration and ideas that are easy and comfortable for me to do.”   You just could wake up the next day with another “pet rock” idea.  One that is simple to do, is filled with feelings of success, and  you already know someone who would be interested in manufacturing this idea and who knows someone who owns a factory that would be willing to produce them for a percentage of the profit, (after all, he is doing all the work, you just had the idea). So you just sit and accept checks in large sums.  Since your idea made you all wealthy, your job is to produce more ideas.

Ah Ha!! You’re an idea person.  And you can get those all day.  So get with it.  Show me your new inspiration.

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