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More on the Qualities of Leadership – The Motive To Inspire

Here’s the second and third quality of leadership:

* The adoption of a definite major purpose.
* A motive to inspire continuous action in pursuit of a definite major purpose.

There’s plenty of posts recently on the definite major purpose and I recommend you search for that subject and review it. Your “definite major purpose” is not just a goal. It’s something that’s your passion, your life – it’s what you want to use to make a mark on the world!

Once you have that definite major purpose, what do you do with it? Do you talk to others about that? Do you become passionate in your conversation? Do you inspire them to want to know more?

Why not? How are you going to achieve your definite major purpose by yourself? My definite major purpose was to become a doctor. When I was 4 I decided I wanted to become a doctor. There was no doubt in my mind. I told everyone I knew. When they said “oh you mean a nurse” I made certain to correct them.

And when I initially wasn’t accepted into medical school my determination did NOT waiver. Maybe it was persistence as some have said but more likely it was because I “knew” no other definite major purpose. I wanted to care for sick people but to be able to do something to ease their discomfort. I despise being or feeling helpless – so the way to do that was to become a doctor. I never wavered and eventually got in to medical school.

The reasons why it was right for me NOT to be accepted initially would fill a book (and one I should write) but I won’t go into that here. Bottom line was that I got in and became a doctor.

But you know what? I achieved my definite major purpose but the day I graduated I had this sensation “Is that all there is?” That’s because I had not refined my definite major purpose to know what I was supposed to do once I became a doctor. That is the most important lesson I could impart. And if you read about the definite major purpose you’ll see that you should be extremely detailed – you should take your time to refine your aim. You need to solidify it.

Then you need to get people on board! That’s the inspiration and motivation.

Whenever I’ve wanted to make changes in my ERs or any of my assignments, I’ve had much greater success when I’ve decided what needs to be done and then solicited help from everyone involved. I had to get them onboard or there wouldn’t be any reason for them to support the change (or me). Then things take on a life of their own and the people make it happen.

Think about how this has or can apply in your life. Tell us about it!


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