Instructions For Applying Concentration

Concentration is defined as “the habit of planting in the mind a definite aim, object or purpose, and visualizing the same until ways and means for its realization have been created.”

The principle of concentration is the medium by which procrastination is overcome. The same principle is the foundation upon which self-confidence is predicted.

The object of concentrating on a definite aim is to train the mind until it forms the habit of focusing upon the object of that aim.  By focusing upon one’s definite aim through concentrated effort and attention, this habit comes to influence the subconscious mind so that it picks up the mental concept of that aim and translates it into its physical counterpart through the most practical and direct methods available.

Every person makes use of the principle of concentration whether he realizes it or not. The person who permits his conscious mind to dwell upon the negative thoughts of fear, poverty, ill health, and intolerance, thereby  applies the law of concentration and sooner or later the subconscious mind will pick up these suggestions and act upon them and translate them into their counterparts.

Instructions for applying concentration:

1. Master and apply the principles of auto-suggestion by following the habit of giving orders to your subconscious mind, mixing your thoughts with one or more of the positive emotions and repeating your orders over and over. Keep up this procedure until you get satisfactory results, remembering that eternal vigilance is the price of mastery in this effort.

2. Empty your subconscious mind of all other thoughts. After a little practice you will be able to focus your mind entirely upon any subject that you please. The act of focusing upon one subject and keeping your mind upon that one subject is concentration.

3. Hold your thoughts to the object of your concentration with a burning desire for attainment of whatever object you have in mind. When concentrating upon your Definite Purpose do so in perfect faith that you will realize the object of that aim.

4. When you find your conscious mind wandering, drive it back and force it upon that subject again and again until you have developed such perfect self control that you can keep out of your mind all other thoughts.  Mix emotions or ‘feeling’ with your thoughts when concentrating; otherwise they will not be recognized by your subconscious mind.

5. The principle of concentration may be best applied when one is in an environment of silence where there are no counter attractions or noises of any disturbing nature. The best time for concentrating is after one has retired at night, for then the number of distractions is minimized.

6. Your subconscious mind can best be reached and influenced when you concentrate in your conscious mind upon an idea, plan or purpose in a spirit of intense enthusiasm, for the reason that enthusiasm arouses your faculty of creative imagination and puts it into action.

When you first start your practice of concentration, you may not experience the feeling that you are in communication with a superior intelligence, but in time if you develop the habit of regular concentration, you will be thoroughly cognizant of the fact that a superior intelligence is influencing you.

It is a well-known fact that the jack-of-all-trades never achieves success. Life is so very complicated and there are many ways of dissipating energy unprofitably that the habit of concentrated effort must be formed and adhered to by all who succeed.

Power is predicated upon organized energy. Energy can only be organized through the principle of concentration. It is a fact worthy of serious consideration that all men of outstanding success in all walks of life are men who concentrate the major portion of their thoughts and efforts upon some definite purpose or chief aim.

Source: Napoleon Hill – How to Sell Your Way Through Life, Platinum Edition, 2005.

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