Intelligence (FromThe 7 Main Aspect of God)

The 7 main aspects of God – Intelligence

This is from Emmet Fox’s “The 7 Main Aspects of God”

God is not merely intelligent but God is Intelligence itself.

When you clearly realize that this is an intelligent universe it will make a major difference in your life.

It is obvious that in an in-telligent universe there cannot be any disharmony because all ideas must work together for the common good.

This means that there can be no clashing or overlapping anywhere, and neither can there be any lack.

It is especially important to re¬alize that God is Intelligence, for the following reason: It some¬times happens that when people outgrow the childish idea that God is just a magnified man, they go to the opposite extreme and think of God as merely a blind force, like gravity or electricity.

This means that they have lost all sense of the Love and Fatherhood of God.

In an intelligent universe there can be neither cruelty nor waste.

God is not a person in the usual sense of the word. God has every quality of personality except its limitation.

It is true that the human mind cannot imagine any personality which is not limited, but this difficulty arises from the very limitations of the human mind itself, and, of course, this does not af-fect the nature of God.

The Bible says, in effect, whatever you think I am, that will I be to you; and this means that if we attribute to God every quality of an infinite, intelligent, loving personality, having infinite power, God will be just that to us.

In acquiring these wider and better ideas of God you should not feel that you have, so to speak, left the God of your childhood for a new God, but that you are simply getting a better and more adequate idea of the same God that you always worshiped; because, of course, there is only one God.

Treat yourself for Intelligence at least two or three times a week, by thinking about it, and claim¬ing it for yourself.

This practice will make every activity of your life more efficient.

When things in your life seem to be going wrong, treat yourself for Intelligence.

Children and young people respond very readily indeed to a treatment for In¬telligence. If you are interested in a child at school or a young person at college, treat him several times a week for Intelligence.

Remember also the wonderful fact that when you treat a person (or yourself) spiritually, the result of that treatment will be with the patient not only in the present time, but for the rest of his life.

The Intelligence Aspect of God is very important in its relation to the health of the body. When the human race realizes clearly enough that God is Intelligence, the “old age belief’ will be overcome.

When we dwell upon one of these aspects we are developing that quality in ourselves.
Emmet Fox

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