Is there an easier way to forgive yourself and others?

I teach that there is always an easier way for everything. I do not believe we are on planet Earth to struggle, overcome, be sick, or learn hard lessons. When we are sensitive to other people’s opinions, we are easily hurt. The trick is to use denials such as “I am never hurt by others opinions”. (and add or behavior or words) This serves as a prevention in attracting people that hurt you. It also helps prevent future physical hurt in accidents, falls, etc.

Metaphysics has sometimes made life more difficult through our teachers beliefs in struggle. The key is in rejecting all words and thoughts pertaining to difficulty or to struggle.

Other things to consider that will help.

Our subconscious mind will create according to our beliefs. For example, if we believe that learning metaphysics is difficult, we will constantly have problems and will not attract a teacher who can explain things in a simple way. If we are told that life is about learning, we will constantly see “lessons” in front of us.

On the other hand, if I can convince you that life is simple and you have infinite awareness, you will discover the certain book, or teacher, or story that gives a simple explanation.

As a child I was always told by my parents, “There is no such thing as a problem that cannot be solved. Evaluate the situation and the solution will show itself.” The first insight I had in New Thought was to reject the word “challenge”. As I have explained, “Challenge” to me means one winner and the rest are losers. That was because I had an older brother who constantly challenged me to races, climbing, eating, etc. and I always lost. (He was bigger, ran faster, was a grade ahead of me in school, knew more, etc. )

The second phrase I rejected was, “The spiritual life is a ‘long hard road’”. I turned that into, “The spiritual life is ‘simple, easy, and fast’”.

The third phrase was “It’s hard to forgive when you have been hurt.” I changed that to “I am never hurt so there is nothing to forgive.” That was later changed to “Since I create everything in my life, and everything is a ‘recognition’ process, I have learned never to create problems for myself. Therefore, hurt once served to get my attention as a preventive measure and I easily give thanks and enjoy my new understanding that there is no longer a need for forgiveness.”

The bottom line is understanding that any problem has as its result a prevention method for future problems.


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