Is Your Spirit Free?

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Is Your Spirit Free?

The whole essence of Divine Science is to help each individual locate the spiritual freedom that comes from inside. There comes a time in our lives that we want to truly know that the Spirit of God is truly within.

This is the point when we determine that we will make the changes to find peace of mind, joy, prosperity and all of the aspects that help us to understand that the Spirit of the Christ is within us.

When we begin to claim our spiritual freedom we have a very good result. We quickly begin to see the ideas that help us in having better relationships, in having more fun, in being able to give and receive in new ways. We quickly find ourselves with a sense of peace like we have never had before.

With this in mind how could we not want to declare for our-selves the same thing this country has stood for. We, in America, have come a long way since Columbus landed in giving each individual a way of life that is envied by people all over the world.

The personal freedom that we truly desire can only come through acknowledging first of all our Spiritual Freedom. This comes from accepting the divine spark within every human being that is the light, love, peace and harmony of the world.

Congratulations. I declare for you “You are sons and daugh¬ters of the living God. You are heirs to health, happiness, love, peace of mind, a rich spirit that brings to you the desires of your heart. All is well with you.”

Anne Kunath

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