It’s All About Perspective

perspective2I’ve had another rude awakening in the past week. Seems like they are coming fast and furious lately. But if they help me and by proxy help you, then so be it.

We always look at our environment with rose colored glasses and with very near sighted vision. If we see things around us at all, we filter them and only absorb what we think will service ourselves. This is not meant to be derogatory but it’s fact. Our Reticular Activating System (RAS) performs this function for us or our brains would be so overwhelmed that we might explode (not really but we’d lose more focus than we do now). It’s easiest to give an example. Have you ever listened to someone or seen an ad for a certain type of vehicle and then for a long time afterwards, you see more of that type of vehicle on the road than you’d ever thought existed. That’s because your attention has now been drawn to that object and the RAS filters your environment and “shows” you all of them around you.

I think we intentionally activate the RAS when we practice daily gratitudes. Whatever we are grateful for will be brought into our field of vision. Then the Law of Attraction will work to bring more of what you’re grateful for into your life.

I have decided that I want to activate my RAS much more frequently and pay attention to those around me that are going through hard times and see if I can help them more. Given the issues I had last week and the fear I was experiencing, I suddenly realized that I could get through this because so many other people that I know or know of  have been through much worse and they are not complaining. So why should I be so frightened? Why don’t I just think about them and send them healing energy while at the same time draw upon their strength. That changed my focus and my attitude completely and allowed me to repeat my affirmation “Everything Always Works Out For Me!” I can’t tell you what a difference that made. My heart rate slowed and I was able to be patient while waiting for any news.

I vowed to keep my filter as wide as possible. As I look around and talk to people, I try to see what’s going on in their life and see if they need anything I can give. That may just be a kind word or an offer to listen to them. But it’s so important to realize that others make it through very tough times every day and it’s humanity’s job to support anyone experiencing that.

Try to take your blinders off and on a daily basis review people you know that are enduring worse things than you. Then express your gratitude for your fortune. After that, try to think what it is that might help them. Then do whatever that is! Think outside your rose colored glasses. Be there for others.

I am grateful I had this experience believe it or not.

See if there’s any difference in what you pay attention to this coming week. Then see if you can carry it through to the holidays – remember that’s when people need help the most.


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