It’s The Little Things

little thingsIt’s interesting what we learn when we keep our eyes, ears and mind open.

I’ve had quite a few medical encounters lately and I always try to make sure I profusely thank the folks that are taking care of me. It really is a thankless job because most people aren’t happy if they have to wait at all (remember they don’t feel well and are scared) and then if they don’t get seen right away or get an appointment as soon as they want, their fear and anxiety increase. Unfortunately, they then will frequently take it out on the folks that are trying to take care of them but have rules and procedures to follow too. It definitely can be frustrating – I know.

You never know what a “thank you for everything” may mean to someone. And i will tell you from first hand experience that it will come back to you!

The other day I had to have a procedure and when I was done, I decided I needed to go down the hall to say thank you to the woman who took care of me and got me the appointment. This delayed my actual leaving by a few minutes which turned out very beneficial for me. As I was passing the procedure room for the second time, the technician came out and caught me – my phone had slid out of my pocket while having the procedure. Had I just left without taking the short detour I would have been out of the building and in the parking lot by the time she tried to find me. And who knows when i would have realized I was missing my phone – hopefully before I made it home but who knows.  Most people wouldn’t think twice about this (other than being happy that they had their phone back) but I immediately put two and two together and realized that I was simply getting back what I gave out. Pay attention to every little thing that goes on in your life and if it’s good, see what you did or better yet, what you can do to give back to the Universe!

I have also been using my favorite phrase lately “Everything always works out for me” and you know what – it always does. So, try it when things may not seem to be going well for you.

With Thanksgiving coming up this week, start making your gratitude list now. Take the time and actually write things down that you’re grateful for. Then “feel” them. Feeling them deeply will ingrain them into your soul.

Gratitude is so very powerful. Sometimes you don’t realize it until you are very conscious of expressing it. We have so much to be grateful for this season. Let’s make sure we express it and feel it deep in our soul!

Happy Thanksgiving week!


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