Just When I Think I’ve Learned The Way to Live

figured out “Just when I think I’ve learned the way to live, life changes.” ~Hugh Prather

How true this is. I guess the Universe doesn’t want to see us get comfortable for long. Or, perhaps we don’t want to be comfortable….that, would have to be an unconscious desire in most cases, though, since I don’t think many people really want things to continually change.  Maybe that depends on how happy you are with your current circumstances.

When you think you have everything figured out and know what you’re supposed to do, something pops up in your life and you realize you have to do something different.

Since we know this is what’s going to happen, it behooves us to just accept the fact and be wary of it. If you know that things in your life are going to change, then you can do two things – one is to accept it and not be devastated when the changes occur and two is that you can help guide the Law of Attraction to bring positive changes. Don’t be sitting there worried about what “bad” things are going to happen. Instead, talk to yourself and envision great changes – write the script for your life as you want it to happen. In essence, you’ll be writing out the “life changes” you want to occur.

Make the movie of your life. Know that stagnation is not necessarily a good thing for you but adding variety (change) into your life is healthy and will help you live a more fulfilled life.

Many of the posts for the rest of this calendar year are going to continue to focus on change AND what you can do to prepare yourself for the good you want in your life next year. I really want you all to be prepared to script your life and then live it. Sometimes I think what happens is that we get in a little rowboat or kayak and float down the river with no oars. We bounce around from one side of the river to the other, hitting whatever rocks pop up in our way. Without oars there is no way to guide the boat so you’re subject to the current and the obstacles in the river. Why would you want to live your life like that? You wouldn’t. But if you aren’t aware and don’t prepare, then that’s what will happen. Think about it – has this happened to you or anyone you know? The moral of that story is to always bring your oars with you. With them you can maneuver away from the obstacles and head in the direction you want – you are not at the mercy of the river.

Change is good! If you embrace that and feel it, any change that happens really will be good.

Keep your eyes and your mind open. Embrace everything that happens in your life and know that there is a message in the change. It’s your job to figure out what it is you’re supposed to learn.


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