Key to Results

Key to Results

Prayer is the one thing that can make a change in your life. It matters not what your religion may be, or whether you adhere to none. If you will go direct to God in simple, affirmative prayer, you can heal your body, bring peace and harmony into your life, enlarge your social contacts, and make prosperity a reality.

Of course, those in the Truth teaching already know this, but sometimes discouragement sets in because the demonstration does not come immediately.

Now, if there is one rule we should make in regard to prayer, it is that we must be persistent. Of course, we should always feel that the prayer we are making is the one that will demonstrate, but we should also always be ready to pray again if the demonstration does not.

Persistence in prayer is really only an expression of our abiding faith in God’s love and goodness, for by our persis-tence we are affirming our belief that God does answer prayer.

Persistence in prayer always brings results.

Emmet Fox

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