Know Your Own Mind, Live Your Own Life

This article by Napoleon Hill is so important. He says it repeatedly in his other articles and books right along side his talking about how you can’t get anywhere without a definite major purpose in life. 

I think when things seem to be going not so great, we feel we are being tossed about on the waves of life like a rowboat in a storm.  But, we must always stay grounded and remember that we are in control of our mind and through our mind we create our circumstances. As hard as that is to sometimes admit, always remember it and then examine the thoughts that are bouncing around in your mind. Along with those thoughts, examine where they came from. Do they represent beliefs that have simply been carried over from your past? Some of those beliefs have helped us get to where we are today but not all of them have been so beneficial. Have you had to ‘struggle’ all your life? Do you feel uncomfortable when things are going well? Why is that?

Read what Dr. Hill has to say about this your own mind and own life….

Know Your Own Mind, Live Your Own Life
by Dr. Napoleon Hill

Somewhere along the path of life, every successful man finds out how to live his own life as he wishes to live it.

The younger you are when you discover this mighty power, the more likely you are to live successfully and happily. Yet even in later years, many make the great change—from letting others make them what they are, to making sure that they make their lives to their own liking.

The Creator gave man the prerogative of power over his own mind. It must have been the Creator’s purpose to encourage man to live his own life, think his own thoughts, find his own goals and achieve them. Simply by exercising this profound prerogative you can bring abundance into your life, and with it know the greatest wealth of all, peace of mind, without which there can be no real happiness.

You live in a world filled with outside influences which impinge upon you. You are influenced by other people’s acts and wishes, by law and custom, by your duties and your responsibilities. Everything you do has some effect upon others, as do their actions upon you. And yet you must find out how to live your own life, use your own mind, go on toward the dream you wish to make real and solid. Know thyself, said the ancient Greek philosophers, and this remains key advice for the man who would be in all ways wealthy. Without knowing yourself and being yourself, you cannot truly use the one Great Secret which gives you power to mold your future and make life carry you the way you want to go.

Let us then take off on our trip to Happy Valley!

Do not think of me as a back-seat driver. Rather, you are at the wheel and I merely call your attention to a trustworthy road map whereon the main highway is marked beyond questions. On your journey to riches and peace of mind, the road grows smoother and straighter as you travel.

Source: Napoleon Hill. Grow Rich! With Peace of Mind. Fawcett Edition. 1967. Pg. 9 & 10.


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