Law of Attraction in Action – Justification

I came across this post by Daylle Deanna Schwartz titled “Law of Attraction in Action – Justification” and thought you’d like to see how other people have worked with vibrations in their clients. You can say one thing but really mean another and your vibration will


simply reflect what you really mean. Remember that it’s the feelings behind your thoughts that make the difference and put the Law of Attraction into action. So, if you tell people that you keep affirming that you have enough money to pay the bills but deep down inside you’re thinking “yeah, right, I hope it works this time because I have all these bills and I haven’t seen any change at all since I’ve been saying these dumb affirmations”. Ever think that? Ever have any of the reactions that Daylle lists here? We all have – and that’s why we

have thought at times that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work. But it does – it works all the time but it aligns with your vibrations. Your goal is to make sure you work very diligently to keep your inner vibrations on the positive side so that you attract to you more like what you really want. You can even use the “Celebrate the Closeness of the Match” to improve this. You may find that you get something similar to what you asked for but doesn’t match exactly. Well, instead of being critical about the fact that it doesn’t match, celebrate how close it really did come. I ran 7 miles Saturday and although my endurance isn’t where I want it to be, instead of just complaining about that, I rejoiced when I could run up a hill without stopping and especially when I realized it was close to 100 degrees out. So I was happy and that brought my vibration to a much higher level and it will bring me more endurance the next time I go out.

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There are so many Law of Attraction and Abraham-Hicks processes that are simple, yet very effective in changing your vibrations and improving the chances that the Law of Attraction will bring you what you decide you want instead of responding to the lower level vibrations you generate with your essentially defeated thoughts. Check out F.A.V.E. (Focus, Attraction, Vibration and Emotion) and change your life today!


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