Law of Attraction – Rule #10 – Thank You!

loa rule 10Ah – we come to Rule #10 – the last in this series. Of course, you can make as many rules as you’d like. One (of many) definitions of the word “rule” is: “a principle or regulation governing conduct, action, procedure, arrangement, etc.”. A rule is not a law. The Laws of the Universe are not things we make up. They exist no matter how much we try to deny them or change them. When trying to understand this, always remember the Law of Gravity and then go sit under the apple tree :-). But the interpretation of how to work with these Laws (or even the man-made laws) is set down in rules that we create. So you see, I have presented these 10 rules on how to get the most from working with the Law of Attraction. I have found them the most effective over the years and even more importantly the most consistent.

So what the heck is rule #10? It’s the most important rule in the Universe and the most powerful force in the Universe – GRATITUDE! Showing gratitude all day long as much as possible will bring you everything you want. It’s like the Energizer Bunny for the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction will work no matter what you do. However, we want it to work FOR us, don’t we? Of course we do. You can start small and see how it snowballs in your life. Start by being thankful that you woke up and that you have a house, your health, family, pets, friends, automobile, job, whatever in your life. Even if things are not perfect for you right now, they are a lot better than they could be gratitude-journal120x150and they are certainly a lot better than they are for many people around the world. Find something! This should not be that hard. Then as you go throughout the day continue to be grateful no matter what. Get stopped at a stoplight and you’re late? Be grateful anyway. Say “thank you for having me stop at this stoplight. I know there is a divine reason and I am grateful for it even if I do not know what it is at this moment.” I tell the story about the time I worked in Washington, DC and lived 60 miles south of there. One day it had started to snow and I had asked my boss if I could leave early (people in that area do not know how to drive in the snow and even if they did, there are a whole lot of them out there). He said “no” because we were in an important class. Naturally I was grumpy and moped around until we got released. And yes it took me 8 hours to get home that day. But you know what? If I had left at the time I asked him, I would have been right in the middle of the 100 car pileup on Interstate 95 that the snowstorm led to. Instead I was just inconvenienced by a longer drive home – but I was safe and sound. The Universe was looking out for me even though I didn’t have any idea of what was happening or what would have happened to me had I left when I wanted. Instead of grumbling I should have been praising the Universe. I did that later but it would have been more effective had I done it when I was told I couldn’t leave. Remember the mantra “everything is always working out for me”. Say that over and over. It will be the topic of a separate post soon.

Start a gratitude journal. You can combine your gratitude journal with your pleasure journal if you want and it will become a very powerful tool. Especially if you carry a small notebook around with you all day and are continually writing both your pleasures and your gratitudes in your notebook.

You can also use our Gratitude Journal software program (for the PC) we created for everyone to use.

I bet that if you keep track of your gratitudes for the next month, you will see a remarkable change in your life. Try it. What do you have to lose?




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