Law of Attraction – Rule #2 – Shoot Straight, Don’t Play Ping-Pong

Print We’ve talked about this before but it’s probably right up there with Rule #1 in importance.  I call Rule #2 – “Shoot Straight, Don’t Play  PIng-Pong”

What do I mean by this…and why is it important? Remember that the Universe will bring you whatever you ask for (especially those things you really feel strongly about). You simply have to place your order.

People hear that and say “but I know I don’t want any more bills or any more debt but that never happens. Does that mean the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for me? And if so, why is it so selective?”

The Law of Attraction is NOT selective. It works, bottom line! No matter what, it works. All you have to do is read last week’s post on Rule #1 to realize that it works. So what’s the problem in this situation?

The problem with this person’s request/order is that it’s based in “lack” so that’s what they will get more of – more lack. That is NOT what we’re after! We have to approach our desires from a position of abundance. But we’ll cover that in a later rule.

What Rule #2 is all about is being sure of what you want.

You’ve heard me talk before about wanting a new car and not getting it. I know exactly why I haven’t gotten it and that’s because I can’t figure out which car I want. Some days I want a Toyota Prius, other days it’s a Honda hybrid (and there are a few of them to pick from) and then other days I want a replacement for my convertible that’s 22 years old but still runs well.

I just can’t make up my mind. As soon as I start thinking about a Toyota Prius, the Universe begins to make plans to deliver that to me. stick_figure_long_shot_pc_400_clr_3328Everything is working to manifest my desire….but then, bam – I change my mind and I’m wanting a Honda. So, now the Universe is scurrying around stopping “production” of the Toyota Prius and starts working on delivering the Honda. But then I think about another type of car. The Universe then stops “production” (or creation/manifestation) of the Honda and begins working on the other car.

See what I mean about playing Ping-Pong. If I can’t make up my mind, how can the Universe give me what I want. I haven’t decided what it is I really want and therefore I am not focused enough to be placing my feelings in a positive, consistent direction to bring the car into my life.

Take your time and decide what the heck it is you want!  You have to be specific and you have to really want whatever it is you’re asking for. You can’t be wishy washy and you can’t keep fluctuating in your desires and thoughts.

In all my discussions on this, I tell you how to make sure it’s your desire and that it’s believable, etc. You have to check on the “Define and Conquer” information for more on that.

Shoot Straight and let the Universe know exactly what to bring you.


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4 thoughts on “Law of Attraction – Rule #2 – Shoot Straight, Don’t Play Ping-Pong

    • Thanks Laura – I just can’t ever make up my mind between the Prius and the Honda sports a great race. I probably won’t see you since I’ve still got an injured foot but best of luck to you.