Law of Attraction – Rule #3 – Place Your Order Once

rule3 This Rule is closely tied to rule #2 – remember in rule #2 I told you that you had to decide specifically what it is you want. You can’t go back and forth and back and forth and expect the Universe to know what it is you’re really asking for.

Well, Rule #3 tells us that once you’ve made up your mind (evaluating all factors but most importantly your emotions), you have to tell the Universe what it is you want. You place your order.

You don’t go into a restaurant and say “I’ll have the chicken please”. The waiter will look at you like “and…..?”

You have to tell him what kind of chicken you want. And then he’ll ask about how you want it done, whether or not you want salad, what sides you want, if any, etc…..he wants you to tell him exactly what your order is! The Universe is standing by just like the waiter – simply waiting for you to place your order. Think of an online order. You can’t finish the checkout if you haven’t answered all the questions. In real life it is feasible that the waiter might think he knows the answers to all the required questions and he might fill in some for you but online you have to select all the boxes yourself before you can finish. The “system” won’t let you complete and place your order unless you make some sort of selection. The “system” just like the  Universe doesn’t know if you’ve made the correct selection or had a “fat finger” accident but all it knows is whether or not you’ve specifically made your choices.

Now that you’ve completed the first part of your order you must do the second most important thing – you must PLACE YOUR ORDER! In the words of Abraham-Hicks you have to “Ask” for what you want. In other words you have to click on the ORDER button. You can work very hard to make your decisions as to what you want and fill in all the blanks but if you don’t click on the ORDER button, you will NEVER get your order, no matter how long you wait.

Many people get stuck at this point. Perhaps it’s because they are unsure if this is really what they want or perhaps it’s because they have been taught that you shouldn’t ask for things – that that is too self-centered or egotistical. That couldn’t be further from the truth. You have to ASK the universe for what it is you want. If you don’t, no matter how specific you’ve been, you won’t receive your gift. The Universe will have created what you want but it’s still sitting in the warehouse, unable to be delivered because you have never asked for it. Think of all this like Amazon. There are many fulfillment centers around the country (and probably the world) but none of them will package up a product and send it to you if you haven’t asked for it. Get the point yet?

There is another part to this rule – you have to then sit back and wait for it to be delivered. It does no good for you to be running to your man with head in mailboxdoor every five minutes to check to see if  your order has been delivered  yet. If you hit the “order” button, then it will be delivered. The Universe thinks you’re questioning it (and interprets that as you’re not sure you made the correct selection so it backs up a bit). So, sit back and relax knowing that it will show up. Have faith that you made the right selection and that the Universe will bring you what you asked for. This is the “Receive” part of the equation. You have to allow it to come to you. This is where you must break down your resistance and stop thinking things like “it won’t work” or “I’ll never get that”. You have power and you have the Law of Attraction which is always working for you. So sit back and wait for the delivery.



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