Law of Attraction – Rule #6 – Act “As If”

rule 6aIf you don’t act “as if”, then you don’t truly believe you already have what it is you wish to physically manifest in your life. It is imperative that you believe you have already received/attracted whatever you want. Just as when you place the order from the catalog or online, you know you’ll have it. You just have to wait for it to be delivered (the law of gestation – everything has a period of time it takes before it actually physically comes into being – babies take 9 months; acorns, roses, weeds, all have different gestation periods).

But since you “know” you are going to receive your desire in physical form eventually, you should begin to act as if you have already received it. If it’s new clothes, clean out your closet or your drawers so that you will have a place to put the new item. If you’ve decided to manifest a new car, then make sure you have a place for it. Is your garage full on one side (if this is a second car) or is there a nice space there waiting for it? If you want a mate, is there space for all that person’s clothes and belongings? There has to be a place in your life where your manifestation can come and take up space. Just slip in so to speak – “as if” it was already in your life!

“Why do you have to do that?”, you may ask. “Why can’t I just wait for it to come? After all, I don’t want to get too excited.” “What if it doesn’t manifest?” “What if….what if….what if….?”

If you are asking the “what ifs…” then you don’t have the faith that once you have placed your order (and have been sure and specific custom_movie_directors_equipment_12462about what you want), you need not worry. As one of the principles of Reiki says “Just for today I will not worry”. If you believe in the Law of Attraction and know that it works (whether you work it or not), then you need not worry. It will come to you. What happens is that we question either ourselves or the Laws of the Universe and then we start to worry and hem and haw and go back and forth. We make excuses for ourselves – “Well, that really wasn’t what I wanted anyway so it’s ok that I won’t get it” or “What if I really do get it and I’m not ready, or it wasn’t what I really wanted?”

Much of the resistance to acting “as if” is that we might feel cocky or like a braggart if we act that way. There’s also the worry that we will look foolish if we act as if but if it doesn’t come about…what we don’t realize is that if you think that way, you are creating (or magnifying) the resistance you have – it really means that you don’t believe that you deserve this manifestation or that it will come to you. Some of the problem is because you’ve been “outlining”, which is a no-no. Outlining means you’ve told the Universe how and when to deliver the manifestation to you. Your job is simply to precisely define what you want and then believe that you have it.

There is a difference between manifestation and materialization. You have manifested it once you’ve placed your order. The materialization is dependent on your vibrations, your level of resistance (related to your vibrations), your ability to detach (the Law of Detachment) knowing that it is coming, and the Law of Gestation. If you spend your time trying to figure out when your manifestation will materialize, you will have set up resistance and you don’t want that at all.

If you want a new car (and have placed your order), drive your old car being grateful that it is taking care of you while waiting for the “new member of the family” and be grateful for all it’s done for you in the past. Sit up straight and act as if you are driving that brand spanking new car! Clean out the garage and make a nice, neat place for it.

If you want a great relationship, smile and write in your gratitude journal that you’re so grateful for this person who is just what you’ve always dreamed of. Dress up, put your make up on (if you’re a woman; if you’re a man find a good suit or a wash that special pair of jeans you wear on your first date), clean the house etc.

figure_holding_happy_sad_signs_400_clr_10227You have to FEEL as if this “thing” is yours. You must not be thinking of being wealthy while worrying about how you’re going to pay the bills or dreading going to the mailbox for fear of what’s going to be in there. You have to believe that you are prosperous and change your vibrations so that you are exuding the power of abundance. This is vital to your success. Acting “as if” helps to elevate your vibrations!

Try it, you’ll like it!




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