Law of Attraction – Rule #7 – What’s The Return Policy?

rule 7 a “Oh my goodness…it’s not what I wanted! It looked different in the catalog. What do I do now?” “What’s the return policy on this?” “How can I send it back?”

Have you ever had that thought when you’ve received your order or even brought something home from the store – “I knew I should have tried it on, darn it”.

So what DO you do when you end up with something you thought you wanted but didn’t really (or in other words, you didn’t spend enough time and energy deciding the specifics of what you were asking for)?

Now that your manifestation has materialized, it’s yours. If you’re not happy with this, you can change it. If it’s an object, that’s a bit more difficult but there are definitely ways to recycle it. You can give it away. Depending on what it is you could take it in and get it reworked, redesigned. If it’s the wrong size, you could keep it until it fits (or find someone who can wear it). Or, you could return it and either get a refund or a replacement. That takes more time effort perhaps but it works.

If it’s not a physical object, you can turn the situation around. I don’t know if you remember Rule #1 (pay attention) but I manifested and materialized a way out of my last 100 mile event because my fear was working way overtime and was very powerful (as is our fear most of the time). And much to my dismay I was able to manifest it and have it materialize very quickly!

I got what I ordered!But when I “opened the package” (so to speak), it surely was NOT what I really wanted. So I had to “return” it. Fortunately I was able to look at the situation and realize where it had come from – no, my identity hadn’t been stolen and someone else ordered this. The result I got was what I had asked for! This step of looking at what you got and trying to figure out how it got to you is vital before you “send it back”. You have to examine what you have and look at it closely. Ask yourself some hard questions:

  • What the heck was I thinking?
  • What fears and anxieties were occupying my mind with such power?
  • Why was I having these fears and spending so much time with them?
  • Is this what I really want?
  • If not, why was I concentrating so hard on it – you know you only get what you really put your energy into.

Take the time to analyze what you received. Acknowledge that you did, indeed, order it and that it IS yours and was a product of your “ordering process”. Then you can examine your “ordering process” and find what’s inherently wrong with it. Do you focus on the lower vibrations (this assumes there are no bad vibrations, just lower level – all vibrations and resultant feelings are telling you something that you need to hear)? Are you just operating in some pattern/habit that you’ve always employed? Did you make a conscious decision to bring this into your life? The answer to that most likely will be “no” if it’s not something you want – however, you still have to acknowledge that YOU DID bring it into your life. The Law of Attraction works whether you receive good things or bad things. Always remember that. So, the package you receive that is not what you think you ordered really is what you ordered. You just have to work to figure out which buttons you pushed on the order page to bring that awful color or size to your address. iStock_000020287681XSmall

Often people see this when they claim they are focused on abundance and prosperity and yet they are just certain that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work because they still have so much debt and the bills are piling up all around them. They may be trying to focus on abundance and are uttering the words for abundance but deep inside they are still sure they are never going to get out of debt and will always have all these bills because “after all, nothing good ever happens to me” or “you have to work hard to make money” or “life is a struggle” or “you have to be greedy and selfish to be rich” or “money is the root of all evil”.

See how your limiting beliefs get in the way all the time? You have to identify these things before you can make the changes (and I recommend EFT as the best choice for clearing but there are many). That’s why you have to hold your manifestation in your hands (literally or figuratively), turn it around and around and look at every side of it so that you can determine the vibrations it’s emitting and where inside of you it came from.

Once you’ve dug deep, then you can turn it around. This is just what I did when I found the resources to work on my back and demanded that I get a better materialization – my vibration level was so high you could palpate it. I had no more fear, no more anxiety. I had faith that I could make it work (with my team). And I did get a better result (return) – not only did I make it to the starting line two days after I couldn’t walk, but I completed the 100 mile event!

Using this self-examination process is like reading the return policy and then implementing the instructions – some places you have to call and get an authorization number for return and then have to put it in this type of bag, etc. Some places you have to email them. Some you can just fill out a piece of paper and send it back. But you don’t know what the process is until you look for it! That’s what I’m asking you to do whenever you get anything you don’t want. Don’t just put it aside and say “oh well, I’ll just go order another thing”. Figure out WHY you got the wrong materialization to begin with!



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