Law of Attraction – Rule #9 – Corollary – Time Expands To Fit Your Needs!

rule 9 corollary “I never have enough time”. “I can’t afford the time.” “I don’t have time to fit that in”.

Have you ever thought these things? Have you ever said them out loud? I bet you have. Most of us have.

But if you think about Rule #9 – “There is Always Enough” that applies to time as well.

Change your thoughts and beliefs and realize that Time Does Expand To Fit Your Needs. Think about it. Why wouldn’t that be the case since we believe in the law of Supply and Demand. When you have to get something done, you do – it may be at the last minute but you get it done. If you relax and meditate, visualize and use the Abraham techniques, you’ll get it done with much more time to spare and much less stress. clock_pie_chart_clip_400_clr_5729

We want to enjoy our lives and most people, when asked, want “more time” with their family or their kids or do to things they enjoy – time often leads to happiness in people’s minds. At least that is what we perceive as happiness. And perception is reality.

So, if you want to feel as if you have all the time in the world, use that affirmation over and over again – especially when stressed. If you use EFT, it is great to tap while saying it “Time expands to meet my needs”. “I have all the time I need and want”.

Try this for a couple of weeks and see what happens. Be consistent and don’t just wait until you “need” extra time. Say it repeatedly throughout the day.


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