Law of Attraction – Rule #9 – There’s Always Enough!

rule 9 aThis is one thing that people tend to forget – or more likely are programmed from childhood to not believe. Remember when you were always told to clean your plate because there are starving children in Africa or China or someplace else? What that did right away was instill the concept that there “isn’t enough to go around”. This idea couldn’t be further from the truth. The Law of Supply and Demand is always in operation and the Law of sufficiency is also always in effect.

All you have to do is Ask, Believe and Ready yourself to receive. See – these are the same concepts we’ve been talking about all through the “10 Rules”. When you have fear that there isn’t enough, then you push it away and it doesn’t manifest itself and therefore does NOT materialize. You have to eliminate the fear and remember that these universal laws are much more powerful than you are. You just have to allow it in.

Every time we experience some sort of need or demand, someone discovers or invents a solution. Look at the fuel issues. When it seems (and it is only a perception) that there is a shortage of oil, research and development on alternative  iStock_000015593024XSmallfuel sources speeds up and new items and techniques are invented. Look back through history and the majority of time this occurs. Penicillin and other antibiotics were developed when diseases came forth. So why haven’t we been able to find a cure for cancer or AIDS? Well, look at the question a little better. We actually can cure some forms of cancer. And we are so much further in treating other kinds than we were in the past. Same goes for AIDS – there are many treatments now that prolong and improve quality of life. But the reason we haven’t found a “total” cure is that we have what’s called “Race consciousness” – it’s the mass belief that cancer is incurable. So, although there are many people working day and night to come up with a cure, they are held back by the fear we have about cancer or AIDS.

Always know that there is enough out there to fulfill your order and bring you what it is you asked for. If you thought of it, it can be created and that’s the bottom line. You do NOT have to worry about where the supplies or money or anything are going to come from. The Universe will provide. So please don’t ever think that you can’t have something because you don’t see evidence of great amounts of whatever it is surrounding you! It’s there for sure. Your job is to follow these rules believing that whatever you order will be delivered to you.

Take that information and let it wipe out your limiting beliefs about lack.


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