Law of Concsiousness – Part 2

Here’s the second part of The Law of Consciousness – start putting the principles in these two posts into practice today!

see who was the authority in your life. This authority still affects your life today. When you realize you were told things that you don’t choose to believe, then you can use denials and affirmations. That is the Law of Mind Action, which means to deliberately make choices to change your belief system to what you want to believe.

We’re learning to live by choice. We want to live by choice. It’s the job for our soul growth to get back to the Garden of Eden through our own choices. The Garden of Eden is whatever we are and want that will make our lives happy, whole, healthy and complete. That is what we call prosperity and this idea of wholeness we want our lives to be and to become.

Look at the positive side of all of the people, friends and relatives who told you things. We have within us ideas that say, “When you grow up, this is what you can be.”

Whatever our parents were is put into our minds and thoughts. If our parents were in the medical field, we have a tendency to dream of that when we grow up. We want that also. If our parents were teachers, professors or firefighters, that may be what we want.

Our mind as a five-year-old could have geared us toward that simply because we took pride in what our parents were. Now you’ve reached an age where that doesn’t apply to you anymore. You may not want to be a surgeon, nurse, doctor or teacher. Your soul may have come in for some other purpose in life.

We have this purpose deeply ingrained within us. It will cause us to be deeply dissatisfied if we are not on our chosen path. We chose that path before we came into this life experience. Look at your chosen field and say, “Is this what I really want to do, or is this something someone else wanted me to do?”

What is our belief system around what we thought our destiny was meant to be? Frequently we discover that what we thought was our work on planet Earth is not really the work we enjoy doing. Our life presence is different for each of us. Each of us has dreams, goals and ideals that are born with us.

I firmly believe that each of us has a Divine plan. What we have grown with has been a part of that Divine plan. If we had much to overcome as we grew, it gave us strength. Maybe we had a lot of situations growing up that caused us to be strong and determined. That will be very beneficial for what you want to do in your life and how successful you are.

That is a part of what is buried in your subconscious. If you were told as a child that you were stubborn or hardheaded, it can be a benefit to you in your chosen field of work. In a relationship, being stubborn and hardheaded is not very good. It interferes with the flexibility we need and the dreams and goals we share with our partners. Remember, we have different ideas, dreams and goals to manifest.

There are four things that we have to do:

1. We come into this world to master our physical bodies and have health and harmony of the body.

2. We come into this world to have wonderful relationships.

3. We come into this world to have financial supply.

4. We come into this world to have soul awareness that will give us the pleasures and attitudes that are ours by Divine right.

When we list these things, we realize that everything we do each day is guiding us toward or away from these goals. It makes us more aware of how we can make the changes in our lives. If we determine what is buried in our subconscious, we can look at it and say, “Do I choose to believe that any longer? Is this something I don’t wish to have in my life?”

If I had a relative who died early, it doesn’t mean everybody who came after that person will have the same health problems. We can change that belief. We live according to the God belief within us and according to when our job is finished. When we stay aware, we are more able to go into different kinds of work to do the things we were placed here to do.

We simply need to ask, “Show me the next step of my Divine plan. I’m not finished yet, God. Show me another step. Show me where I’m going. Show me what I’m doing. Show me what is next.”

All of the things in the subconscious will rise up within us to point out the direction we are meant to take and the new ideals, goals and dreams that are possible to do, believe, say and have.

We need to realize that it is the attitude and the feeling of life within us that is this God presence or this Energy. It is this wonderful thing within us that we call the Christ Presence and the spirit of God. It is this Divine Spark that constantly guides and directs us when we get out of the way of our error belief systems and points of view.

Metaphysics is a wonderful place for us to put into effect that which we believe. We can pour energy into our affirmations. We can visualize and claim our good.

If we believe there is a loving energy that will give to us all of the things we choose to have in our lives, then our solutions will be the proper ones.

If we believe in barrier, overcoming and struggle, we need to let go of those ideas. Those are not truth ideas. God does not place barriers in front of us. God places ease, comfort and wonderful solutions in front of us. The ideas, dreams and goals in front of us are placed there for us to have lives of pleasantness, peace and joy. This is your life.

When you remove all barriers and inaccuracies from the subconscious mind, the Law of Consciousness begins to work and attract all of the things your heart desires. It will attract to you health, happiness, harmony, peace of mind, joy, love and all of the good that is yours by Divine Right. You can accept that and love it. Now is the time.


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