Laws Are NOT Made To Be Broken

laws not to be broken 1You often hear people say “rules are made to be broken”. Even though it sometimes is meant as a joke, people often are serious. They feel it’s ok to break rules and as long as they aren’t “caught”, everything’s fine and dandy.

When it comes to the Universal laws, however, there is no breaking them. Take the most known one – the Law of Attraction – for instance. How would you break the “Law”? By focusing on the things that you don’t want all the while expecting what you want to show up in your life.  The Universe does not respond to words – “I want a million dollars”. It responds to your feelings, your vibrations – “I have so many blasted bills to pay, I’ll never get anywhere since I just don’t have enough money”. Even while writing this I could feel the frustration and even despair that would be in someone’s voice if they were saying that. Those are the emotions. There’s frustration, despair, helplessness, anger, depression, disappointment, etc. These are what the Universe responds to. And, as such, this is what you will receive – more lack, more bills. Why? That is the Law – you receive what you ask for and by concentrating on or focusing on the lack, the bills, that is what the Universe thinks you’re asking for – more of it.

“But I can’t escape reality” you say. “The reality is that I have all these bills ad I’m NOT making a million dollars nor do I see how I ever could. How do you expect me to believe and focus on that?” I don’t. I know that it would seem unrealistic and unbelievable for you to believe you have a million dollars when you have a load of bills to pay. You can’t lie to yourself. Well, you could lie to yourself but you wouldn’t believe that lie. So how do you keep from breaking the Law.

You change what you’re thinking about and focusing on. If you’re ill and have a less than desirable diagnosis, you won’t be able to change that just by making an affirmation. So, you have to find something else to focus on – that Kodak moment I keep referring to. When you are thinking about something that makes you feel good or accomplished, then you build up your momentum and your entire body energy alters and that energy will go about working all throughout your body to try to facilitate manifestation of health.

Bottom line is that you stop breaking the law by “going” someplace else. If you go to your “reality”, then you will have to struggle to try to change your negative emotion and turn it into positive energy. That’s next to impossible since the power of your resistance is amazing. So don’t even go there. Go to a happy, satisfying and successful place. Remember all the posts I’ve written advising you to stop telling your story? Even if you can’t find a Kodak Moment (although you should have plenty of them stored up to pick from), talk about something other than your story. If it’s a health issue, don’t think of healing. Think of yourself as healthy and whole. If you think of healing, that is still addressing lack. If you say you need to be healed, you are recognizing that you are not healthy right now and you are focusing on that lack of health. Instead, just think about and visualize yourself as healthy.

Learn the rules, the Laws. Then you have to apply them and work within their rules. You can’t be saying that the Law doesn’t work because it hasn’t made you a millionaire because that’s not true. What is true is that not only have you most likely been focusing on the fact that you are NOT a millionaire but you’ve also been ignoring the Law of Gestation. You don’t plant a seed and then every day dig it up wondering why it hasn’t blossomed yet. You know how long it will take until it’s supposed to grow, break the surface and bloom.

These Universal Laws are NOT made to be broken, nor condemned nor criticized. You must follow them in order for them to work. Monitor your thoughts, monitor your words and find something to focus on other than the areas you are experiencing resistance in. You’ll know resistance by the way it feels – if it feels uncomfortable and like a struggle, then you have resistance.

These Laws are universal truths just like the Law of Gravity. You have to follow them in order to be successful! Listen to yourself and your feelings and you’ll know what to do.


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