Leadership – Interacting With Others

Qualities of Leadership – Interacting With & For Others

* The capacity to take criticism without resentment.

* Willingness to accept full responsibility for the mistakes of subordinates.

* The habit of recognizing the merits and abilities of others.

* The habit of assuming full responsibility for any job or task undertaken.

 * Patience with subordinates and associates.

 For today, I picked the qualities of leadership that had to do with working with others.

 The first quality listed is the ability to take criticism without resentment. This is NOT easy at all. It takes cultivating. It takes realizing that the criticism is something that can be used to grow and be used to get closer to your definite major purpose.

 It’s so hard not to believe that the criticism is not directed against you as a person and doesn’t mean you’re a bad person.

 You have to learn to take the information given and use it to whatever advantage you can come up with. This may be one of the toughest leadership qualities you have to develop. But work on it.

 The other qualities listed have to do with working with others while protecting them and standing up for them. This is where you have to develop understanding of others and cultivate patience when working with them. I guess being in the Navy helped me with these qualities. The Captain of the ship always was responsible for what went down no matter whose fault it was. You cannot blame others when you’re a leader. You just accept things the way they are and look at what happened in the light of what can be improved.

 It’s human nature to want to pass the buck and put blame where it’s due. But you cannot do that and be a true leader.  This will help you stop talking about people and keep you concentrated on your work, your definite major purpose.

 Look at your life, your interactions, see how these principles apply to you.

 Let us know what you discover.


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