Leadership – Mastermind Alliance

Qualities of Leadership – Mastermind Alliance

  * A master mind alliance through which you may acquire the power to attain your definite purpose.

Do you have people you brainstorm with? Not the ones you sit around and moan and groan with but those who support you and your definite major purpose and are willing to positively point you in the correct directions and guide you with advice?

Even if you don’t have that in the real world, you can create a mastermind alliance on an imaginary basis. You can pick people from history or people in your world that you can’t ask for some reason. You can pick Lincoln, Mother Theresa, Einstein, anyone that you respect and consider to be a great leader and someone that will support you. Napoleon Hill writes about that too. He tells you to write down the qualities of those people and vow to emulate them.

For a mastermind you can imagine (yes, it’s ok to have imaginary friends) them sitting around a big table with you. You put forth your definite major purpose and tell them what you’ve worked on this week and then where you want advice, suggestions, pointers etc. Then go around the table and listen to what they tell you. If you put yourself in the proper spiritual mood they actually will “talk” to you. Try it a couple of times. Don’t just try it once and give up. You can try it with people you know – positive people- first if you want. Do this if you find it hard to believe that these famous people will interact with you.

Whether you use a mastermind of actual people or of imaginary people, it’s important to open yourself to others POSITIVE suggestions.

Try it, you’ll like it!

Let us know what happens. Comment below.


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