Life is Like An Ultramarathon

stick_figure_running_icon_400_clr_3621Boy is this a great post for me right now. As you may remember, I’m training for a massive ultramarathon – 314 miles across the state of Tennessee. Last week for the first time I finally began to question whether or not I could actually do this event.  I still do not know the answer to that question.

People think life is a sprint and if something doesn’t work right away, they think it’s never going to work. This is one of the most common reasons people refute the Law of Attraction and say it doesn’t work. They feel that it should work right away as soon as they say an affirmation, think some positive thoughts or so something else. Without understanding the nature of the Law and how it works, they think that if they don’t get what they think they want right away, the Law either doesn’t work or doesn’t work for them. But they don’t realize that they really haven’t changed their feelings or emotions sufficiently to get the Universe moving their desire toward them. Remember that the steps are #1) Ask – you do that constantly through contrast – you find out what you want by identifying what you don’t want, #2) The Universe delivers – once you’ve asked, the Universe provides it for you. You have manifested your desire. But remember that manifestation and materialization are different things and materialization depends on Step #3) Allowing. This is where we have the most trouble. We have to consistently be in a space where our vibrations (emotions) will allow the gift that the Universe has created for us to come into our lives.

Step 3 is where the life is like an ultramarathon comes in. You can’t expect to go directly from  a life of thinking about poverty or lack immediately into a life of amazing prosperity and abundance. Our vibrations, emotions and beliefs don’t change that quickly. When you do a sprint you are simply focused on a fast time and perhaps winning, not on any changes. When you participate in an ultramarathon, there is more concentration on completing the distance even if there’s not a large amount of speed involved. You learn more about yourself because you have time to think about your life and you have time to make changes in your strategy. Maybe you have to go slower or even take a break. You might have to stop and eat something or get more fluids. Anything can change in an ultramarathon. It’s the distance that counts and that involves understanding yourself and your environment and being prepared to handle anything that comes along. It’s a problem solving adventure. You bring what you have learned in life and in training into the event but you also know that anything can happen and to be successful, you have to be able to roll with the punches.

Be patient. Remember the Law of Gestation. You don’t plant corn and then every day yell at the ground and kick it up because it hasn’t produced an ear yet. You know it’s going to take a certain amount of time and you are patient. Same with a baby – you don’t expect to find out you’re pregnant today and then be upset that the baby hasn’t been delivered tomorrow. If you can understand that the Law of Attraction also works with the Law of Gestation and you have to continue to water and feed your desire without stirring up the dirt around it, it will blossom in its time. The most effective method is to plant your desire, increase your vibration to the point where you really do “know” it will come to you and then let it go!

I told you last week or the week before that what you give out comes back to you. I proved this again to myself this past week. I had given money to someone in much greater need and given it freely and without any expectations or attachments.  Then this past week I finally got around to going to the bank to deposit my old IRS return. I hadn’t even opened it because I “knew” how much it was for. Well, I got  into the car and started to fill out the deposit slip, slit open the envelope and started to laugh. The check was for the exact amount I had given my friend.  The exact amount! Can you believe that? I am always amazed at how the law works. That check had gestated on my desk for a very long time and then it was there to replace what I had given out. How much more evidence do you need?

You just have to take your time. You have to let things happen all the while NOT giving up on your practice of the Law. Do NOT lower your vibration by thinking “nuts, I knew it wouldn’t work”, “It’s not going to work because I don’t deserve anything good to happen”, “Why does it work for everyone else except me”. And worse yet, do not move back into your lack thinking. Because if you do, you will simply attract more lack. That is probably the hardest part. For instance, when you receive another bill, write on it and bless it. Thank it for coming to remind you of the prosperity that is yours and that the Universe is delivering to you. View that bill as a demonstration of you having plenty of money that you are so happy to pay it because you know you are helping others out there that will benefit from the income you are providing them when you pay the bill. Never look at it as “how on earth am I going to pay this?”, “see, I knew I was not going to be prosperous”, “how can I possibly be prosperous when I keep getting bills.” Think of this as you being the employer for all who have contributed service or labor leading to this statement of wealth in your hands. It’s really all about how you look (and feel) at/about your circumstances.

Try to turn all your negative thoughts around.  Start with traffic lights – call them “Go lights” as Zig Ziglar does – he says they are there to make your travel go smoother and safer. Don’t think of them as “Stop lights” – try this for a few days.

Change another word and see what a difference it makes. Instead of “have to” or “I’ve got to” do something, catch yourself and say “I get to do something.” I made a conscious effort every morning when I said goodbye to my dog. In the past I had said “I’ve got to go to work now”. Then I changed it to either “I get to go to work now” or “I am going to work now”. I eliminated any of the sensations/thoughts/feelings associated with the “have to” statement. Because you know what? I really didn’t have to go to work. I could have quit. But I was fortunate to have the job (and still am very fortunate) and so I changed my attitude to express the appreciation I have for the job. It made a great deal of difference in my outlook and I could even feel my vibrations soar when I changed that wording.

Try one or two of these things. Start training now for your ultramarathon. It won’t be over in a few minutes, days or even months. Lay the groundwork (the base training) and practice until it becomes habit for you.

Let me know how it’s going and if you have any questions. Put them in the comment box!


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2 thoughts on “Life is Like An Ultramarathon

  1. Hi Terrie, Today, I did 18 miles of walk jog in a park. It was fantastic to be given a cloudy sky. I thought about you and your Tennessee race. I think that worrying about where food stops are might drive me crazy. But, on the other hand, when I load up my hydro pack with food and drink, I experience a sense of freedom. I am set for several hours and free from any attachment. I hope you can generate this free attitude about your race.

    I will do ultra races in October and December. Until then, I do miles.

    • Hi Laura,
      that’s great that you’re out there preparing for your October and December events. I am working on preparing for Tennessee and am more concerned that I’m so slow and making the daily cutoff points. But I’m going to try and do the best I can and see what happens.