Lisa Marie Keller on Chronic Fatigue and Exhaustion..and what you can do about it!

lisa marie kellerI had the pleasure of interviewing Lisa Marie Keller  and  was so excited to talk with her about her personal achievement in overcoming chronic fatigue and exhaustion (since the age of 14) and to listen to the various modalities she uses with people to guide them in their own accomplishments. It’s just another example of how the Law of Attraction works. Everything she talked about, except for one thing, I have have heard of and completely embrace – even from a medical standpoint! That’s amazing.

I encourage anyone who’s experiencing problems with chronic fatigue and exhaustion (or if you know someone who is) to listen to this interview and get a glimpse of how Lisa can help you.

She takes a very personal approach and works with people on an individual basis, tailoring plans and programs to your own needs – there is no “one fix for everything” as we medical folks frequently do – we try to fit everything into one box and if it doesn’t fit, then we don’t know what to do. But Lisa knows what to do. She is the perfect example of what I like to call Integrative Medicine – a combination of traditional and alternative medicine (to me, medicine is medicine and there really isn’t an alternative – what matters is what works without causing further harm).

She is truly amazing because she has many certifications and that knowledge is all incorporated into her plans for folks – most people who have these certifications specialize so that you have to find many providers (I’m talking about things like EFT, body work etc, not medical providers) but Lisa has leading edge certifications and is willing to work with you using all of them – whatever is right for you at the moment. She’s able to adjust as you adjust. Her own personal experience has helped her weed out what doesn’t work and concentrate on what does.

This was one of the very best interviews I’ve ever done and I highly recommend you listen and then visit Lisa’s website to see more about her programs!

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