Love Week – Love Your Family

LOVE-WEEK---BASEToday’s love is your family. That should be pretty easy since we all have family and there’s bound to be at least one someone you can love. I bet that after you start with one, you’ll be able to progress on to other members of your family as well.

Even if the family member you chose is no longer with you, you can certainly express your love.

Take your mom – no matter what else happened in your life, she gave you life and without her, you wouldn’t be here! What more could you ask for and why wouldn’t you love her for that.

Write down her other good qualities (other than raising a stellar human being such as yourself). What is it you feel when you think about her? How would you want to be like her? Take it a step further – are you like her? If so, in what ways? If not, would you like to be? What can you do to make yourself more like her?

Who else in your family do you love? Your father? your brother(s), your sister(s), aunts, uncles, grandparents, Godparents? Cousins, nephews, you own kids or grandkids?

Do you have an extended family?

What is it about all these people that give you joy and make you happy just thinking about them? How do they (and how have they) influence you – do they do that on a daily basis?

What belief systems did you get from your family? Are they things you wish to continue to believe or things you wish to let go of?

Once you’ve listed all these characteristics and qualities, sit back and feel the good feelings you have.

Work on loving your family all day today. Even when work or your life may seem to be going not so good, find one of these characteristics or even a story that brings you joy and “go there” for a minute or two. Does that change your feeling about the moment? Are you happier, calmer, better able to handle what comes your way?

Write us and let us know what you’re experiencing. Maybe it’s something you haven’t thought of in years that just came back to you and made you smile!

Love your family today (and every day)!


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