Love Week – Love Your Friends

LOVE-WEEK---BASEHere’s a break for you during this week of Love. You’ve had a difficult couple of days so now I’ve given you an easy job – love your friends today.

This should be almost a no-brainer because I would think it’s hard for someone to be your friend (not an acquaintance) if you don’t have some love for them. Wouldn’t you agree?

So, start loving on your friends today and do it all day long. Think about a person and then talk to yourself about why you love them – what is it that they possess or embody that makes you love them.

Why are they your friend? What is it you see (or saw) in them that drew you guys together – don’t be surprised if, in doing this, you come up with some other reasons to love yourself. Remember everyone around us is a mirror of ourselves. So, what you see in others actually is a reflection of what’s inside of you.

Make this an experience and an experiment today. See how many friends you can list and then how many qualities of each overlap from friend to friend. I bet you’ll come up with a couple (maybe even 5) that are the same in each of your friends that you cherish more than anything. Write down those qualities, put them on an index card or a piece of paper in front of you and look at them every day. See if you can identify their existence in your own humble little being. I imagine you’ll be able to if you look hard enough.

Enjoy today’s loving exercise and let us know if you’re seeing anything in you that makes you happier.


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