Love Week – Love Yourself

LOVE-WEEK---BASENow we’re following one tough cookie with another.

Today your job is to love yourself!

If you made it through yesterday’s work, this should be a bit easier than if you blew it off. Why? Because if you have body issues or self-esteem issues, then the work on your body should have penetrated that armor even a tiny little bit.

So, today start looking at your good qualities – do you have patience, perseverance, good intuition, intelligence, persistence, a sense of humor, a loving and caring personality, an ability to laugh at yourself, good problem solving abilities?

What do you think you’re good at? What do you love to do? What could you excel at or what are you excelling at now? What good have you done for others in the past – did you ever just donate a few pennies to some cause? That’s a great quality that you should list – you’re generous. Can you spot when others are in need of a listening ear or a hand to hold? Do you open doors for others?

Ask your family or friends if you have to but do it! You have to love yourself if you’re going to make a mark on others or on the world in general. If you don’t love yourself, then you don’t have the time or capabilities to give as much as you’d probably like! The Universe gave you this body and soul and it’s your job to uncover all this wonder and let it out – peel that onion, uncover the rose and let yourself blossom.

Let us know what you’re finding out about yourself during this week of love.


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