Love Week

LOVE-WEEK---BASEHey – at least I didn’t say “Love Fest”..ha ha.

I think we should celebrate this week by focusing on what wonderful things we have in our life that we can love. It’s not just about Valentine’s Day and our special others but it should also be about everything we love (or can love) in our life.

Take a moment to write down (or list in your mind) all the things you have that you love. You may cringe as I list some but if you look closely at them, you’ll see that they are there with plenty of characteristics to love.

Let’s try a few on for size:

Love your family (you can get specific or you can stay generic and close – but examine your family and talk about what there is to love…for example, if it weren’t for your parents, you wouldn’t be here – that’s something to love and cherish).

Love your body (ok, I can see the faces already). But stop and think about your body and how miraculous it is. It functions no matter what you do to or with it. You may not like the way it looks but that’s a limiting belief that is not doing you any good. Take a day to love everything about your body – your smile, your hair, your feet, you fingers… it all.

Love your SELF – again I hear the groans. But, get over it – at least for a day. Find things all day long that you love about yourself. Are you generous? Kind? Loving? Caring? Analytical? Smart? Funny? Introspective? Quiet? Love all your qualities. If we were all the same, it would be the pits…and very boring.

Love your Friends – this should be easy. List your friends and all the qualities they have that you love. Write about them, talk about them. Feel your love for each and every one of them.

Love your life and your job – Stop smirking. No matter what is going on in your life, it is great. There are wonderful things that you can find when you really do look for the silver lining.

Love your significant other – On Valentine’s Day, celebrate your love for another person. As they say in the Secret Service – would you take a bullet for this person? If so, that is true love. What is it that attracts you to this other person? What makes you feel comfortable and secure?

Some other things to love if you want to take it past Valentine’s Day or substitute for one item I’ve listed or talked about – love your existence, your goals, your spirituality, your power, your abilities, your disabilities, your health, your food, your time, your environment.

Let’s fill this week with total love and joy!



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