Make Every Situation a “Win-Win” Situation

winwinThis will be a quickie because I have to leave for the airport soon (headed home – yeah!).

This title was planned a while ago but it’s certainly extremely timely.

I’ve been at this publicity summit for the past week – completely out of my comfort zone!!!!! Talk about anxiety (which of course I lessened using EFT).

I wanted to quit on Wednesday because I wasn’t well prepared and didn’t feel I was doing very well. However, as “fate” will have it, I met the most wonderful man who sat and talked with me for over a half hour helping me understand that what I was feeling was normal and “ok”.

He kept me going but then there were all the terrific people in the room that also kept me going. I don’t think I did very well with the media but I sure did really well with all the people that were surrounding me. What an amazing experience.

I was also able to give back to the people who were around me, reaching out to help them too. I had a great time and now have lots to follow-up with and plan but at least I know the direction to go in!

What more of a win-win situation could there be.

Talk to you later…gotta run for the plane.


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