Make Up Your MIND!

should-i-or-shouldnt-iStop fluctuating back and forth! Remember that the Universe brings you whatever you ask for but in order for you to receive it, you have to be in a space where you’re ready to receive it and allow it into your life. If you can’t make up your mind, the Universe creates what you have asked for but never gets a chance to deliver it because by the time it’s at your doorstep ready for the bell to ring with your “delivery”, you’ve changed your mind.

Decide what you want and then get specific. I’ve always used the easy example of a car. Let’s say you want a new car. Decide the brand (Ford, Chevy etc), then the model, then the color and all the features you want in the car (air conditioning, electric windows, heated seats, sunroof, seats that fold into the floor, enough space for my cargo (or my kids), etc). Go through everything you want in the car and write it down.

Then, if you can, go to a car dealer, get in a new car and breathe deep so you can get that new car smell fixed in your mind. If you see the car you want in the color you want, take a picture and put it on a story board. If you don’t see it in the lot, see if you can find one on the internet and print out that car’s picture. Then keep visualizing that car. Don’t switch next week to another type of car. It’s ok to keep adding features but stick to the basics.

Same goes if you want health. Do NOT think of healing because that reminds you and the Universe that you are sick and not whole…just as thinking about paying off your bills is actually thinking about lack. That is a major error that people have when they are working with the Law of Attraction. Yes, you want your bills paid off but do not think of the act, instead you can think of going to your mail box or your email and only getting ads or letters from friends. You don’t think about what’s missing (the bills), you think about what you are getting. You feel the peace of mind when you do go to your mailbox or open your email. You don’t have that dread and anxiety that you might now or might while you’re even paying them off.

But, back to health. See yourself in the healthy body you want. The weight you want, looking the age you want, being as fit as you want, accomplishing the physical activities you desire to accomplish. Find photos of athletes doing these things and visualize the beauty in yourself. See yourself as whole and healthy, full of energy and happiness.

Do not go back to the other side as it were. Once you’ve decided what it is you want in whatever aspect of your life you want it, then stick to that completely.

Make up your mind, be specific about what it is you want, list all the criteria and then stick to it. It will come to you! That’s the way the Law of Attraction works. You just have to do your part!


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