Make Your Day Great!

make your day greatYou can make your day great, no matter what happens. Start the process early in the day – when you first wake up. Begin with segment intending – go through each part of your day and actually walk through it exactly as you want it to be.  Be specific. Visualize yourself getting up, working out (if that’s in your plan), eating breakfast, driving safely and quickly to work, go through each segment of your day at work smoothly and efficiently, your drive home, whatever activities you will go through at night. This should take only a couple of minutes and will tell the Universe exactly what you want out of the day.

Once you get up, continue to segment intend to reinforce what you first created that morning. But also find specific areas to focus on to keep you going in the right direction.

Remember the good things you have in your life and the good aspects you envisioned for the day. Build up your momentum as you begin each segment. Go into the bathroom and pull out a Kodak moment and focus on that to bring your momentum up to a high level to go into your next segment. Cancel out any negative thought or idea that comes into your head  use the “That is Not My Truth” and “Everything always turns out great for me”.

Even if things start to turn south, bring them back by focusing on your momentum and visualizing your story for the  year. Bring up a successful moment and concentrate on that for a few minutes. Generate the feelings that that accomplishment will infuse into you. Take the time to be quiet for a few seconds and do this. This will turn your day around. When you’ve finished concentrating on that success, do a short segment intending for the upcoming section of our day. Then go out and conquer that moment.

Make every day great. You really CAN do it!


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