Medicine & Metaphysics Replay

This will be available for two days. Enjoy.

19 August 2010 The replay is no longer available.


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3 thoughts on “Medicine & Metaphysics Replay

  1. I enjoyed the Medicine and Metaphysics teleseminar (as I have enjoyed all the Getting Unstuck teleseminars), and I especially appreciate the technique Anne gave me for treating the tinnitus I have been experiencing. I've probably said "I don't want to hear it" too many times in my life. Now you have given me a simple, elegant way to reverse the effects. Thanks so much Anne and Terrie.

    I think your topic was almost too big to even begin to tackle in a single hour. If I could make a suggestion for when you do the longer teleseminar series: divide it into at least two focus areas. One could be about roots and causes of the physical problems human beings prone to because gaining insight into precipitating factors can help unlink the chain of cause and unwanted effect. Another could be more about techniques for working with the subconscious and other levels of awareness to effect healing regardless of whether or not the metaphysical basis for the condition is known. There are probably yet other areas that deserve in-depth consideration as well, such as the nature of the spiritual human being in a physical world and a discussion of helpful books, authors, and healing movements. These are things I would be interested in hearing about, and there are no doubt others that would also apply to the subject of healing metaphysically.

    Thank you again, and many blessings to you both in your mission to educate and enlighten. –Mary