Metaphysical Moment From “The Help”

As I wrote in my day 2 Gratitude, I am grateful for the movie “The Help”.  Apparently this movie has created quite a stir because of what it portrays and many people say it’s inaccurate but then others say it’s very accurate.

I do not want to debate that. I feel it was an excellent movie and hope that it gets several Academy Awards – but they are a long way off.

It ought to get a “Metaphysical Award” though. There was one concept repeated throughout the movie that everyone must be aware of and practice. Aibileen (the star in my opinion) has taken care of many white babies and children through her years of service with multiple families. She ALWAYS tells the children that they are smart and important no matter what anyone tells them. She repeats this daily and whenever a parent yells at a child. She talks about how important it is to her to make sure the children have self-respect and confidence, again no matter what the parent says or does. This scene is placed stategically in the movie several times and Aibileen talks about it many times too. Please pay attention – this woman knows that what is impressed upon us as children tends to stay with us – thus, the basis for our “beliefs” – and it is the limiting beliefs we have that keep us from attaining the goals we aspire too. Unfortunately, because they are so ingrained in us, it is often extremely difficult to figure out what they are.

See the movie or read the book (or both) but always remember to tell your children (and anyone else you interact with) that they are smart and important.

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