Here’s another little brief by Anne…here she’s talking about Metaphysics and more about integrity….enjoy!

Anne Kunath

Metaphysics can be fun.

Metaphysics can be entertaining.

Metaphysics can assist you in realizing your dreams.

Metaphysics can create chaos when you begin to apply the principles without first learning wisdom, integrity and spiritual maturity.

Metaphysics: that great word that has come to mean everything from “higher consciousness”, to “weird”, to “occult”, “to a spiritual way of life”.

Metaphysics can be all of these definitions according to each person’s quest.

Each person will be defining, teaching, and practicing metaphysics in their own understanding.

They will get results according to the strength of their beliefs and the amount of energy they put into their thoughts and feelings.

There are several very important points of metaphysics that will affect your goals.

A wise metaphysician will learn these points and apply them constantly to their goals and desires.

Some points will be applied to daily life in order to enhance and make much easier the changes you wish to bring about.

It is of prime importance to first evaluate what results your dreams and thought will bring…especially when they involve other people.

You cannot use your energy to manipulate or control another person without your integrity creating karma for you to experience.

In other words, your integrity (or lack of integrity) is the part of the law that creates your punishment.

Dr. Anne Kunath


Isn’t Anne so talented in being able to explain things in such a short “story”?


Tell us how this applies to your life and what you’re looking for in your life? Comment and let us know that folks are reading what we write!



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