Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

looking_in_mirror_400_clr_5647This post will be short but should prompt you to think a great deal.

Do you realize that everything you see outside of you is merely a reflection of what is inside of yourself? We see a projection of whatever thoughts and feelings we put forth into the Universe. This would seem only natural because of the Law of Attraction – we are attracting to us what it is we feeling and thinking about. What’s the best way for those things we’re focusing on to manifest? In others or in external circumstances.

So, when things are not going the way you’d like them to, take a look around you and see what it is you don’t like. Then take the brave step of asking yourself “what is it about me that is similar to all of this? What am I focusing on that is bringing this type of person/situation into my life?”

This is not that easy to do. Let’s say you’re surrounded by people who are always complaining. Take a day and watch what thoughts go through your mind and what words come out of your mouth. Are they complaints? I find that occasionally when I’ve been driving and not happy with the behavior of other drivers. It’s not long after that that I find myself doing the same kind of driving behavior. It smacks me right in the face and that’s a good, though painful, thing. It reminds me not to judge others – that they are acting just as I am – if I condemn them, then I should be condemned as well. But instead of feeling guilty (for a long time – there’s that initial guilt of course), I focus on changing my behavior so I don’t repeat that cruddy driving practice.

If I’m not having a good day then I look at what it is about that day that I found distasteful or less than I wanted. When I’ve done that I look at my life and see what it is I’m doing/thinking/feeling that is making that come about. If there’s been conflict, then I ask why I need conflict in my life at this time? What is it I’m really looking for – to win something? To be in the battle? Relief from boredom? Distraction from other responsibilities? What is it?

Take some time to look inside when you’re seeing something outside that you don’t like.

Let us know in the comment section what you’ve realized.


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