Momentum Monday


“What separates people that get what they want out of life from those people who do not get what they want out of life is their response to challenges.”
Dr. Steven G. Jones

Although I don’t believe this is the only thing that separates these two groups of people, it’s an extremely important point.

Think about yourself and how you respond to a challenge. Do you crawl up in a ball and want to die? Sometimes that’s ok initially. What’s not productive is when that behavior or thought process continues on and on and on. Do you get mad and decide that this is not going to beat you? That you’ll find a way to conquer the challenge, to climb up and over whatever obstacle is in your way? That is the way of the warrior, the person who excels at life.

Remember that there are two different vibrations at play when you are confronted with a problem. There is the vibration of the problem and if you continue to think about the “problem”, you will stay on that lower vibration and not move anywhere – you are focusing on the problem so that is what you’ll get more of. Maybe the problem won’t get worse but it won’t get any better either when your vibration remains on the problem.

You have to raise your vibration to the level of the solution – a much higher vibration. Instead of thinking about and focusing on the problem, concentrate on the solution. Tell the Universe you are ready to receive the answer and you know that it’s out there waiting to be delivered to you.

Think back to your past and think about when you’ve discovered a solution to something – what have you felt like when you’ve been in the process? Maybe take a look at a time at work when a problem has been identified. Everyone might respond with “oh nuts, what do we do now?” But then you all got your heads together and brainstormed until you figured it out. What kind of elation did you all feel? Use that as  “Kodak Moment” to elevate your vibration when you’re after a solution to your current problem.

I don’t even use the word problem once I’ve identified what it is. I think about how great it’s going to be when I come up with the solution to x, y, z – describing the situation if I must. Or preferably I use something that’s brief but objectively describes the situation. Then I go right back to looking for the solutions – opening my heart and mind to the Universe to deliver the answer to me.  I use some of the processes we’ve talked about – the 68 second process, rampage of appreciation and even the “wouldn’t it be nice if….”.  If you’re skeptical or it’s the first time, you can use “I’m in the process of….”

Next time you come across a challenge, immediately switch to the solution seeking mode and your vibration will automatically elevate with you! Try it, you’ll like it. Don’t dwell on the problem.  Move out and move up!



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3 thoughts on “Momentum Monday

  1. Greetings, Dr. Terrie,

    Happy Tues. Jan. 3rd,

    I thought i had your email address. Instead I am contacting you via your comment blog.

    1. Mainly I set out to jot down some impressions on your writings.
    Just need to know HOW TO WRITE a BIT REVIEW on your latest book and its impact, your impact on my life.

    In this process, I came across one of your presentation on weight that I have not yet digested fully.
    Anything you re doing with weight, DO COUNT ME IN. Along with age, metabolism and hormones as one alternative medicine Doctor told me plus “not minding my portions” of foods. — although very healthy ones – I have accumulated a WHOLE LOT OF VISCERAL FAT around my abdomen and belly.

    I know you’re very modest,Do accept my admiration and most of all my appreciation.

    • Thanks so much Lise! I appreciate all your support.
      I don’t do much with weight anymore and in fact this website is not active as I imagine you can tell. It has a lot of info though. But to stay current with me is best.

      Take care and happy new year.