Momentum Monday

momentum-monday1Start your week off right!

I have had to really practice what I preach last week. And it was not easy. The Friday before my momentum had plummeted downward because I let something at work affect me. I should have just accepted it and moved on but I chose the harder way. Perhaps I made that choice so I could see how out of sorts it made me feel – so I could value positive momentum more. I don’t know why I chose that path but it pretty much continued the whole week and I was NOT on a high-flying disc.

So, yesterday while on a miserable 20 mile run (things just didn’t feel right from the moment I opened the door and saw the rain), I made up my mind that I had let that momentum run out and that I was going to start on a new path this week. I started on the run and began to look at things that were along the way and notice how beautiful they were and what they represented (nature, invention, progress, love, convenience, etc). I kept repeating one of my mantras – I control my mood. That is such a great thought – there really is something I can control (and you can too). Look at the Prisoners of War who survived years of captivity and torture. It was all about their attitude and mood.

I am happy to be here and be able to do the things I want to do and I know I’m very blessed. Who knows what the next moment will bring. I am making every attempt to “live in the moment”, to live in the “now” as much as I can. That has become so important to me. It’s no longer all about the ultimate outcome, but about the journey. I’ve always “known” that intellectually but now I realize it is the way to live. Enjoy everything that happens (even the bad momentum happenings).

I know I’ve been on this kick for awhile but the last 7 months of my life have brought it to the forefront of my life and I want to live every moment in joy. Even on “miserable” training runs. I can count my blessings and know what those blessings have given me.

Join me in this new adventure. Don’t shoot for the moon but enjoy feeling whatever and wherever you are right this minute.


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