Momentum Monday


“The Law of Attraction states that you are basically a magnet, attracting the images that are inside your head.”
by Frank Mangano

If you think of the Law of Attraction in this way, it might help you focus on good images and generate good feelings/vibrations. Think of carrying a magnet around in your pocket all the time. You will pay attention to what you’re walking near so you only attract what you want to attract (coins for instance) and avoid things you don’t want being drawn up to your pocket (like nails, screws, scrap metal).

So why shouldn’t you do the same with your life. Use that magnet and pull in more of the things you want in your life. Think of the Corona Beer Ads with the two people sitting on the beach and looking out into the ocean.  They are attracting more beauty, peace, reverence (and beer, of course) into their life by creating the tranquil scene in their world. You can do the same thing using the Kodak Moments or visualizing something or someone beautiful in your life.

As you focus on that thing or person, the Universe will know that you want more of it and will immediately bring it to you. Then, your only other job is to allow it into your life. No more of the “I’m unworthy” or “I don’t deserve such good things” etc. Just picture it being in your life and when you can, think about how much you do deserve it and how much you want it.

If you have to just picture the magnet in your body (think of the “u” part of the magnet as your upper torso and the legs as your arms reaching out to receive).

Practice this image – you are the magnet, when you see (or think about) something you want more of, walk toward it and spread out your arms and visualize it coming into your life. When you see something (or feel it) that you do NOT want in your life, turn around and put your arms at your side. Visualize yourself pushing it away. Make this a game.

See what happens this week as you play magnet. Let us know by commenting below.


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