Momentum Monday

momentum-monday1 Pick a feeling you’d like to experience more of this week.  Write it down somewhere – the action of writing is powerful and the Universe doesn’t care where you write it (napkin, back of your hand, notebook, post-it, scrap paper, etc).

Now associate some event you’ve experienced in the past where you felt this emotion/feeling.  Stop what you’re doing and sit back and really remember that event. See if you can recreate that wonderful feeling you had. That’s the key right now – to experience that emotion just as if it’s happening to you right now.

Once you have that feeling re-embedded in your mind, practice calling it up again. Practice that a few times right now. The point is to be able to feel that emotion almost with the push of a button. Some people find the use of an “anchor” helpful in recreating the feeling. I’m defining “anchor” in this situation as an action that will cement the feeling and bring it back to you immediately. For example, you see athletes clenching their fists and pumping them in the air sometimes with the word “yes” and sometimes without. The action of clenching their fist and pumping it cements the feeling they are experiencing. Usually it’s of some success. You can clench your fist without punching it in the  air, you could cross your fingers, tap your head, do something that you don’t normally do in your every day life. You don’t want to pick some action that you repeat all day long because it won’t anchor the specific feeling you’re looking for. Make it something unusual for you.

Once you’ve picked your anchor, practice using the anchor to generate that feeling you’ve chosen for the week. Practice that a few times right now.

Use this anchor to recreate the good feeling either whenever you just want to feel good or more importantly when you catch a story or events going in the wrong direction. By wrong direction I mean one that you don’t want. If things start going down the wrong road at work, use your anchor to bring up the good feeling and stop the negative momentum as soon as you can. As Abraham says – if you’re on a hill in San Francisco and you give your car a nudge, you could stand in front of the car and it would stop. But if you are at the bottom of the hill and you stand in it’s way, the momentum it’s gathered will not be stopped by you standing in front of it and you’ll be wiped out too.

Thus, our goal is to stop the momentum before it gets going very fast. Use the anchor-feeling method to try that this week. Do this consciously and see how it works. Let us know in the comments box.


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