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Everything that has ever been lived, everything that has ever been written down or documented, has been vibration first. Everything has been conjured in vibration first before it manifests. So if something has manifested and you continue to give it your attention, the fact that it is true should really hold no weight with you. The question that we would ask is not, is it true, or is it undeniable? The question that we would ask is, how does it make me feel when I focus upon it? And if the answer to the question is, it doesn’t make me feel very good when I focus upon it, then we would say, true or not, it does not serve you. And if you will activate a different part of your vibration—the “truth” will shift.
Excerpted from the workshop: El Paso, TX on March 28, 2002

What’s the key here in Abraham’s wisdom? The fact that if you don’t like a circumstance that has manifested (materialized) in your life, then you should stop focusing on it and activate a different part of your vibration and things will change. This is what I refer to as calling up your Kodak Moment(s).

  • I recommend you make a running list of Kodak Moments – even keep them on index cards that you can keep with you if necessary.
  • Once you note that something isn’t to your liking, pull out your list and find one that really strikes a “feel good” chord right now (it might be a different moment each time or it might be the same one).
  • Focus on that moment for the longest time. Do NOT let your mind wander back to the thing you don’t like or want in your life.
  • You do NOT have to focus on getting rid of that materialization. If you focus on it, you’ll just make it stronger or bring more of it into your life. The idea is to replace it with things that make your vibration high and happy.
  • Use the phrases I love and use so many times a day:
    • “Everything always works out for me” (I have that on my phone and it pops up 3 times a day to remind me)
    • “Nothing and no one can interfere with my prosperity, peace of mind and well being, NOT even myself”
  • Think and do anything to keep your mind focused on experiencing the vibrations you want to feel. When you feel good, that will change your surroundings.

Enjoy your week!



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