Momentum Monday

momentum-monday1What’s on your plate for this week?

Let’s start the week off on the right vibrational set! Pick some events or categories you have this week and use this to craft your momentum swing. Start right now thinking about that thing and visualizing the result you want.

Let’s say you have  a presentation to give on Friday. Instead of scurrying around feeling anxious and nervous about whether you’ll be prepared or perform well, start by taking a few deep breaths.  Then close your eyes, picture yourself sleeping well the night before the presentation, getting dressed the day of and looking at yourself in the mirror realizing how successful you look. After that, with your eyes still closed, watch the Academy Award winning movie you’re creating. In this scene you’ll see yourself giving the most amazing presentation that anyone has ever seen. You’re watching the faces of the observers and notice how mesmerized they are. As you wrap up this perfect meeting, you are surrounded by coworkers and bosses that flock to you to congratulate you.  How do you feel when you open your eyes? Keep that feeling going by constantly replaying this movie. You are the star in that movie and it will be available to you any time you feel your momentum slipping.

Let’s say you have a doctor’s appointment this week and you’re very nervous and scared about the doctor’s visit as well as very worried about what the results of your tests will show. Again, start with the deep breaths and then close your eyes. Picture yourself standing tall as you walk into the office and everyone there treats you so wonderfully you wonder if they’ve mistaken you for someone else. But they haven’t mistaken you, they know exactly who you are and are very happy to see you and they tell you so. You notice that you’re taken into the exam room but it’s warm and not so frigid as most doctor’s offices always seem to be. They ask if you need anything and you respond that you’re fine. In the next act you see the doctor coming in to the room and you are grateful (and amazed) that you have not had to wait. In the next to last act you listen to the doctor tell you that your tests turn out fine and that you’ll respond really well to whatever she (or he) is going to give you. The last act is you expressing your gratitude both to the doctor and to the Universe for this great news. Finish up with a few more deep breaths. Repeat this movie over and over as soon as you feel some anxiety.

Then if your momentum starts to go in a direction other than the way you want, use the most valuable phrase there is – “Nothing and nobody can interfere with my prosperity, well-being and peace of mind, not even myself”. Say this over and over until you feel that spinning wheel of momentum either stop or change to the direction you desire.

It’s important to not contribute to any anxiety by telling the wrong story this week. Do NOT participate in discussions about whatever event you are going to be working on this week. If you do talk to others about it, you’ll be tempted to tell the story behind and then voice your worries and anxiety – this is human nature. But what it does is change your momentum in the direction you do NOT want it to go.

Try this all week. Make watching your movie your meditation practice this week. Let us know how it goes.



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