Momentum Monday

momentum-monday1“No one can deny you or grant you anything. It all comes to you by virtue of your vibration.” –Abraham [Excerpted from the workshop: Lincroft, NJ on October 15, 1996]

This one simple sentence says it all. If you’ve paid attention to the series on Influential Spiritual Laws I did over the holidays, you’ll know that you have the power. And with that ownership comes the ability to give yourself what you want as well as the power to attract things you don’t want – all depending on your vibration!

That’s why I’ve concentrated so much in the past year on Vibration and Momentum. The more you learn to control it and adjust it as needed, the more you’ll be able to bring yourself the things you want in life. Isn’t that better than just “hanging out and waiting for ‘whatever’ to show up”? I would rather regulate my orders – I have been on the receiving end of things I didn’t order from Amazon. This has happened twice and I was very fortunate to have Amazon rapidly respond and take care of it with NO effort required on my part. Occasionally things like that will happen in my life too but then I just way “that is not my truth!” and “everything ALWAYS works out for me.” These are two of my mainstay phrases and I repeat at least the “everything always works out for me” several times a day. And you know what? It always does work out for me. For, I have learned that I have the power (the Dominion) and work with the Spiritual Laws continually. It’s also always for the good so I know that the Universe will quickly provide it.

Notice that I have not mentioned anything about other people – it’s all been about the Universe. I know that I am NOT dependent on others for my mood or my good fortune. Of course we need others in our human lives but we are not dependent on them.

Remember this each time something happens in your life this week – it could be something good or something you don’t consider as good. Write it down and see where your vibration was when this came in your life AND THEN go back aways in time because you know you’ve set this up long before it happens. See if you can identify what you were feeling and doing to bring this event (good or otherwise) into your life!

Track it for a week or so and let us know what you find.


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