Momentum Monday

momentum-monday1“Negative emotion is your indicator of resistance, while positive emotion is your indicator of allowance. And they are on the same meter: allowance; resistance. Allowance; resistance.” —Abraham [Excerpted from the workshop: Monterey, CA on March 20, 2001]

Think of this “meter” like the Wheel of Fortune and as the needle spins it goes from allowance to resistance back to allowance again and round and round.

If you can identify and understand that when you are feeling negative emotions, you are resisting and not letting things into your life that you really want, this will set you up to really want to change your emotions. The positive ones will let the good come into your life so why wouldn’t anyone want to dwell more on the positive emotions and do anything they can to garner more of them. Not only will the positive feelings/emotions bring you more of what you want, but it also just plain feels good!

Pay attention to your emotions this week and see what you can do to transform the negative ones into better ones! See if it gets easier during the week. It should.

Practice what you wish to become….~ Dr. Anne Kunath



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