Momentum Monday

momentum-monday1“There is nothing that you’re wanting to know that you do not have the capacity to understand fully. And there is nothing that you’re wanting to know that the Universe does not already know that you want to know, and has already begun the process of answering. And so, go forth in excited anticipation that the new ideas will continue to bubble forth, and that the Universal Forces will continue to come forth in loving, benevolent, eternal answering to that which you are about. —Abraham [Excerpted from the workshop: Albany, NY on October 01, 2001]

This follows along with last week’s Momentum Monday. The Universe knows what you want and it has already started to create it for you. It’s in the warehouse ready  for delivery. Use “Show me” in order to understand things that you want to understand better. Go back over the Spiritual Laws and find the ones that help you find a way to understand all that you want to know about. Read the Law of Circulation and the Law of Realization.

Just know that anything you’ve asked for in your mind has already been manifested and rejoice in that fact! Be excited, anticipate its arrival but be happy in its existence in your imagination. Remember the POWs that used to get through all those years of torture and isolation by going deep within their minds and finding beauty there. This got them through it all. Use your mind for something other than worrying. Use it for joyous thoughts and ideas.

Journal about these things. If you’ve imagined a car you want, journal about riding in it with the new car smell, the windows open and the wind blowing in your hair, etc.

Let us know how things are going.


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