Momentum Monday

momentum-monday1 Make this week “FASCINATING” instead of “FRUSTRATING”.

I have to admit this is not my original idea. I read an email from someone about this a few weeks ago. This guy recommended substituting the word “fascinating” every time the word “frustrating” came into your mind or out of your mouth.  I’ve tried it and boy it really does make a difference in my vibration. I’ve even used it to substitute for other words that aren’t on the vibrational plane I want to be on.

Just try it this week. When you say “I’m so frustrated by this project (or by Joe Blow or this job or whatever)”, stop for a second and consciously say “I’m so fascinated by this project (or whatever)”. Let that sink in and see how you feel. Give it a few moments to permeate and spread throughout. I think you’ll be surprised at what a difference it will make in how you feel. I bet you’ll even smile and whisper to yourself “wow, that does feel different”.

I also bet that when you do this a few times you will actually start finding solutions to problems or issues that have been bugging you. Remember that the vibration of a problem is different than the vibration of a solution and once you’ve changed your vibration from frustration to fascination, you’re on a much higher plane and it will surprise you how much more of the world and ideas open up to you. It’s like looking at the world from the base of a mountain compared to looking out once you’ve reached the summit!

See what other words you can come up with that you can easily substitute but just for this week, let’s focus on making our world much more fascinating.


You up for this? Let me know what happens.



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