Momentum Monday

momentum-monday1“The brain is the focusing mechanism that you are utilizing here. But there is consciousness that is outside of what you call the human focus of the brain. That’s this vibrational thing we continually talk about. We talk about vibration. We talk about Energy. We talk about thought. And eventually, once enough momentum has occurred, you will feel emotion. We want to acknowledge that the emotions that you feel are manifestations. And there is a significant amount of momentum that has occurred before your emotions show you how well aligned, or not, you are with that Broader Perspective.” —Abraham (Excerpted from the book: Co-creating at Its Best on November 13, 2013)

The key to today’s Abraham excerpt is your emotions are the most powerful possession you have. You can create anything with your emotions. Think back to the various powerful emotions you’ve had – was it anger, rage, love, disgust, what? I remember when I had been so frustrated by the fact that at the very last minute the house I was due to move into in 3 days fell through and I had to find a house in record time. My mother, my realtor and I were driving around northern Virginia all weekend. While my mother and the realtor were chatting away in the front seat, I was pouting and becoming more and more frustrated in the back seat. Finally I just shouted out “I’m NOT moving twice” (which I would have had to do if we didn’t find a house that I could move into on short notice).  Within 20 minutes (all of which was driving) we found the perfect house! It was a model so all the utilities were hooked up and everything was ready to go and no one had to move. I could inhabit the house the NEXT DAY! That was the power of my emotions. I was letting the Universe know that I had made up my mind and it better listen. The vibration I sent out was phenomenal and powerful. The Universe listened and delivered my desire.

I think this is one way that violence and how it perpetuates so quickly. Think of the power behind the rage one or more people exhibit. This emanates out to the Universe and attracts others with the same degree of vibration. It becomes a chain reaction. More and more folks are drawn into the grouping of hating people. And you know what? The rage and hatred does NOT have to be about the same thing. It’s the emotion, not the target. So, if you’re a person with a lot of hate or anger and you’re within reach of this energy field, you’ll be drawn into it in order to express your own rage, no matter how you really feel about the original person’s “cause”. This is why it’s so dangerous and spreads so vehemently.

Examine your emotions and use the positive ones to bring you the goodness you desire.  Harness your own power and let the windmill (the Universe) bring you what you want. Along those same lines, though, be careful about the things you are putting your emotions into. If you’re struggling with something whether it be debt or relationship or health issues, do NOT put the emotional energy into them – not even into “not wanting” this. What you focus on is what you’ll get more of. Focus on something good that’s coming out of the experience, something you’re learning perhaps. Use each experience to help you concentrate on the good and charge your emotional vibration.


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