Momentum Monday

momentum-monday1This woman made my day AND changed my perspective on life!

And it was a Monday too.  What an enlightening experience. I wrote about this in the Weekend Wrap-Up last week or the week before but wanted to get it down here since I felt it was such an important experience – especially when we’re talking about momentum and vibrations. This woman is a perfect example of living in the NOW and knowing that feeling good is what brings joy in life despite the circumstances.

It was early Monday a.m. and I had to drop something off at a lab and have some blood drawn.

The technician had taken care of me twice before and I had previously been impressed with her friendly yet professional demeanor so I was happy to see her behind the desk.

As  she was checking me in she told me that when she had gotten into her car that morning she saw that her car had been broken into and her radio had been stolen. And it was pretty obvious the people who stole it weren’t professionals because they cut a big box section out of the dashboard.

Take a minute and envision this for yourself and see yourself in her place. How would you react? What would you do, think, feel or say? If you’re anything like me, it won’t be the same type of reaction that she had.

She told me that she was happy she still had made it to work on time and that it was funny because she had told the car folks when she bought the car to put in a “low end” radio and now she was really glad she had said that because she wasn’t out as much money.

She also said that she was happy they had only stolen the radio and not the car because she couldn’t afford a new car now.

Then she said her three boys would have fun repairing the dash and putting in another radio.

All the while she was telling me this she was animated and positive, not trying to elicit sympathy at all. Just relaying the story and how she was happy about her reaction and the irony of it all. custom_text_shelter_14054

“Wow” was about all I could say and think. I was totally amazed at her attitude. Here was a woman who didn’t make a lot of money, had three kids and yet was so upbeat I couldn’t believe it despite the costly event that had occurred in her life. Her vibrations were way, way up there and would continue to positively affect anyone she came in contact with that day.

I know it sure made a difference in my day and the way I looked at everything and felt about things that day. She was telling her story in a way that would benefit so many other people because her vibrations couldn’t help but be up there too.

Can you do that with something that has happened in your life? Try it. Smile and look for the good in every event. As Catherine Ponder used to proclaim (no matter what) – “I declare it good”!

Life is good no matter what’s going on around us. Let’s try to remember something that’s happened to us that felt great and focus on that whenever external things seem to be trying to take hold of our feelings. Focusing on that good thing will prevent that external thing from overcoming us and lowering our vibrations. Remember the two phrases I keep repeating:

  • I declare it good!
  • Nothing and nobody can interfere with my prosperity, well-being, and peace of mind – not even myself!

Enjoy your week. I know I will.


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