Momentum Monday

momentum-monday1“Once you really start changing your negative thoughts into positive thoughts, the stress that you have in your life will start to diminish.” ~Dr. Steve G. Jones

Have you noticed this in your life? I have. It takes some  effort, though, to focus on your thoughts so that you can catch the negative ones and immediately change them into the positive ones. Often we don’t want to do that because it “feels” better to talk about what’s NOT going well in your life. After all, you have to work at it to make yourself notice what you are thinking, characterize these thoughts (whether they are positive or negative), make the commitment to do something about the negative ones and then put in the work to change the negative into positive. We can get backfired at any point along this line. And you need to put them all together to be successful here. You can get started by just noticing your thoughts. The next step is to characterize them into positive or negative. That would be a terrific beginning if you’d do it.

From there you can build on it and make a commitment to make a change. So, you notice yourself telling people one after the other that you’re not feeling all that great today – after all, they did ask “how are you?” and you don’t want to lie.

Remember, though, that every time you tell your story, it becomes embedded in your mind and your subconscious. You begin to believe it. And what happens then is that you begin to attract more of what you’ve been telling. So, if you’ve been telling people how bad you feel, you’re in that “bad” vibration and the Universe thinks that you want more of that because you’re focusing on it. Lo and behold, the Universe delivers more of what you’re focusing on – and you get more “feeling bad”.  You’ve heard people joke about how they’ve played a joke on someone by telling them how lousy they look and “are you feeling ok, you look pale” or something like the end of the day, that person you’ve been “playing” with, starts to feel really cruddy. It’s the same when you continually tell your story.

So, start noticing what happens when people ask you how you are or how you’re feeling. Stop, take a deep breath and say something like “fine thank you” EVEN if you’re not feeling fine. You are not doing any good by elaborating on what’s actually going on with you. If you don’t stop first, make it a habit of listening to what you are saying when talking to someone else about yourself. Are you telling them the good things in your life, past and present? I hope so because that is the best way to make sure you get more good things!

Once you’ve started to notice what you’re saying, then characterize each thing into positive or negative. This act will force you to consider what the effect of what you say. If you don’t have to label it, then you won’t be paying attention to what you’re saying. When you don’t pay attention, anything can/will come out of your mouth and you will be attracting more of whatever it is. Don’t you want to be in control of what you’re attracting? I do.

Now it’s time for you to make a commitment to changing what you’re thinking (or saying). Once you’ve said it, do you want to keep it as a part of you OR do you want to change it and maybe change what comes into your life? Take a chance. Live on the edge and try to bring more good things into your life. So, if you catch yourself having a negative thought, immediately say to yourself “that is NOT my truth” followed by, for example – “I am prosperous and healthy” – something that focuses on the opposite of what you’ve been thinking. Don’t get discouraged. Everything won’t change immediately but it will start to change. Your job is to be persistent, knowing that the Universe will provide for you and you will receive all that you’ve asked for AS LONG AS you continue to make these conscious efforts – eventually it will be no effort at all and that’s the cool thing.

How do you do this when you’re experiencing pain, whether it’s physical or emotional? This is tough. I’m not saying that it’s easy. I try to use something to help it along and my favorite tool is EFT. But I also just use the simplistic phrases “I declare it good” and “everything always works out for me”. I then try to recall that no matter how bad something may seem at this particular moment, it is for a reason and it will be a good reason and something good will come from it! Try to be persistent even when you’re in pain. Things will change. Just remember to focus on what you want and not what you don’t want. You want health and strength not to be without pain. That will just bring more pain. Put feeling and emotion into telling the Universe what you want it to bring you – HEALTH and STRENGTH, JOY and HAPPINESS. Remember that emotions and intense feeling will bring about change more rapidly than just saying something without emphasis.

Here’s the steps again:

  • Pay attention to EVERYTHING you think and say
  • Characterize what you’re thinking/saying into positive or negative categories
  • Make a commitment to change your thoughts in order to bring great things into your life
  • Work to change the negative thoughts into positive ones…and take baby steps in doing all these things.

Try it – try one or two steps to start with and see what you think or feel. Then move on


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