Momentum Monday

momentum-monday1“Appreciation and love, and alignment to that which is Source, is the ultimate “giving back,” so to speak, for in your pain or struggle, you have nothing to give back. What you are living is always an exact replication of your vibrational patterns of thought. Nothing could be more fair than life as you are living it, for as you are thinking, you are vibrating, and as you are vibrating, you are attracting—and so you are always getting back the essence of what you are giving.”  ~Abraham [Excerpted from the workshop: Money and the Law of Attraction on August 31, 2008]

This is kind of funny. Although I do not believe there are coincidences or accidents, things like this always make me chuckle as I reaffirm that statement. I had this Momentum Monday planned a long time ago. But I wrote yesterday’s post yesterday. Imagine my surprise when I came to the site to write more on this Momentum Monday and saw the exact same concept worded differently.

I love the phrase from Abraham “for in your pain or struggle, you have nothing to give back”. This is so very true. When you’re feeling down in the dumps or trying to deal with the negative things going on in your life, you really don’t have anything left to give to others. It’s hard to reach down deep inside to be there for others when you’re having pain.

But, if you are able to or at least try to get yourself to a point where you can make someone else smile or laugh or ask them how they are (if they seem a bit down themselves), you will find that a) you forget for at least a few minutes about your own difficulties and b) your vibration raises to some degree. Remember that it’s a matter of momentum; so, if you can begin to change your vibration, you’ve begun to improve your momentum and in an upward swing. Let’s say you then go find another person (whether it’s in person or email or by text) to inquire about their health or well-being. That will up your momentum and vibration a bit more. You’ll notice that you begin to feel better too. It almost becomes addictive because you feel better and like that feeling so you want to do more of what makes you feel like that – isn’t that what most addictions are about?

Hopefully you won’t be in this situation this week but if you’re not as happy as you’d like, try to reach out to others and see what happens. Let us all know how it went and what you did.

Have a great week!


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